In order to make an appointment without disturbing ongoing consultations,
please phone  0472 23 99 85

at the following particular times :
from Tuesday till Thursday: 12.00-12.30
from Monday till Thursday: 18.30-19.00 

For a first appointment this is strongly recommended.

Between Friday morning and Monday evening, and during my periods of absence or holidays, patients already following treatment can ask by text or e-mail for a contact moment by phone, following possiblities in dr. J. De Vogelaer’s agenda.

During holiday periods, please do not phone, but send an e-mail to  or sms, thank you.

To make an appointment by e-mail, send an e-mail to :
Please make every effort to accept the appointment proposed by the Doctor so as to avoid inefficient back and forward e-mailing.

Your doctor cannot answer questions regarding medical and psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment by phone, sms message, mail or any other electronic device : medical secrecy, your privacy and well-reflected thought are not assured or even impossible, beside the deontological obligation, sustained by the idea of careful medical action, to talk with and examine the patient, before coming to a diagnosis and a treatment : the patient is a unique person, in a unique situation.
Only slight modifications to a treatment recently started by me can be briefly discussed over the phone, during the specified contact moments.