Welcome to the website of Jos De Vogelaer, M.D., psychiatrist, Jungian psychoanalyst with added Kleinian inspiration, psychotherapist, classical homeopath, working exclusively in private practice. The sculptures by Klaar Cornelis symbolize, in a mysteriously touching way, archetypal elements in an ever-present silent background. http://www.klaarcornelis.be  © Klaar Cornelis.


Dr. Jos De Vogelaer, M.D. is a physician, specialized and recognized in (neuro-)psychiatry since 1984 and recognized as a psychiatrist since 2004*. He is also a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and member of the Belgian School for Jungian Psychoanalysis, and a classical homeopath.

(*after a law amendment in 2004 that regrouped neuropsychiatrists in terms of psychiatrists, neurologists and neuropsychiatrists) 


Dr. Jos De Vogelaer, M.D., has been working exclusively in private practice, since 1984, as a psychotherapeutically inspired psychiatrist, treating psychiatric, psychological, psychosomatic and relational problems with (young) adults.

Dr. Jos De Vogelaer, M.D. is speaking Dutch, French and English fluently.